Worst Day Of My Entire Life

30/4 <—- Worst Day Ever. I dislocate my left knee & I saw it with my own eyes. It popped back in after I straighten my knee while flipping. It was really painful. The pain went away after a while but I could not stand and put my weight on it. My knee will give in. Went to the A&E immediately. The doctors said to come back 2 days later to see a ortho or a sport specialist. The bones are not injured but my ligament and tendon might be. My gymnastics competition is around the corner. I have fear of flipping now. I hate myself for this. Why must this happen to me? The first time I dislocate my knee was 5 years ago while doing ballet. From that time onwards, my knee was very loose. There's one time, my sis sat on my lap with my leg stretched out, the knee cap went inwards and pop back out after I've straighten. I'm living with fear now.


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