they give us something to look forward to, to work for; they brim with potential and give us a sense of great unfulfilled and unrealised potential;

make us feel we’re bigger and better and more important than we just are at a point; that we’re meant for greater things;

that take us away into our own world, a virtual world, do away with the harshness and judgement of this world;

a peaceful, quiet place where you find solace and comfort, less consciousness, friendlier lighting, gravity defying even,

greater elasticity and expansivity of thought, creativity, and imagination, life, more than life itself,

to be put into action, hope, faith, daring, effort, toil, reward.

there to be dreamt of, fought for, still pursuing; on the brink, already fulfilled and realised; there to be broken; there

Like sleep, like emotions, like change of tide, like day and night,

Dreams –

We go in and out of them;

Dreams –

I still believe in you.

“I have a dream.”

It’s still the same dream.



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