365 days to 2015 [Delayed]

I’ve had a great year, not much complaints but I love a new beginning. I honestly don’t know what to expect of the new year but i’m excited about beginning a new chapter and experiencing new things. I was so stoked about counting down to the new yearr just a few days ago but right now, i just rly feel like pausing time for the time being. I guess i’m just afraid of what will come my way in the next year & how it will change me/everything around me. Although I did kinda complaint in 2013 but i’ve definitely taken away many things from all that has happened. One thing’s for sure is that i’m extremely grateful for the people whom i’ve met this year & people who have seen me at my lowest point but never left. 

{13 things from 2013}

1) Made new friends, got closer to different groups of people & will stay very close to my heart. Truly blessed ❤

2) had an awesome summer {Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vancouver}

3) Got my L

4) made a comeback, left knee getting better but not 100% yet 😥

5) did self-reflections which did slightly changed me

6) Celebrated my 18th birthday with people I enjoy being with

7) Spent quality time with amazing people

8) had my first slow dance with a guy

9) Baked a ton of treats 🙂

10) Done with grade 11 & onto 12.

11) Solo travel

12) Being active in school events

13) Became surer of what I wanna do in the future. Honestly,i’m still pretty conscious of my decision because i know that the degree and the university i’m aiming to get in is definitely a challenge.

2014 is gonna be one hectic year. The stress will definitely hit me soon and all i’m hoping for is that i don’t take it out on anyone and not neglect my family and friends.

 “ I can do all things through Christ who gives me Strength”

Wishing everyone a happy new year ❤


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