Work Hard & Stay Humble. …

Work Hard & Stay Humble.


Midnight post. Wednesday Morning

I just can’t fall asleep. So many things are running through my mind.

This is the 2nd week after my surgery. Well, things have been getting better however, there’s more to come. Took off the upper 2 dressings. Small incision but look really gross. Stitches are still there. Feels so weird. Bored. Nothing else to do other than rehab.

I’m a sad girl.


Believe in miracles

Knee’s getting better. There’s still swelling, exterior of my left knee beside the incision is still numb (really uncomfortable), still unable to straighten and bend (Slight bend position the whole day) and still walking with crutches. Wheeling around the mall was awkward. I hate people staring at me. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with me except my knee! Well, we’re into day 12 which is almost 2 weeks! Got to work my ass off during rehab! I just really hope my knee doesn’t get any more stiffer.

Reading is by far the best thing to do when you’re injured, home bounded and really bored.

Life isn’t fair but it’s still good

Update on my Knee Surgery

Wellwellwell, 29th May 2012 was my knee surgery. It was suppose to be at 2pm and because my surgeon had another surgery going on. So I waited with my mom at the short stay unit in the hospital. While waiting, I hear some music to calm my nerves down. As you know I’m a coward. After a while, the anesthetic team came and ask about my choices for the surgery. I choose General anesthetic and they also asked me to choose a hip region jab or another kind that poke through my hand after given the GA. However, the side effects for the second one is quite serious and so I choose the hip region jab with GA. The hip region jab is done before the GA. MEANS that I am still awake! I had a injection on my right hand followed by the hip region jab which was painful and long. It actually works something similar to the nerve block jab thingy. Soon after, my left lower limb starts to numb up. I was so nervous. They then pushed me to the operating theater. It was so purplish color. They were many nurses and surgeons at the side. I saw my doctor, Andy. The anesthetic team came to me with a green oxygen mask and told me to breathe in. I knew that was the GA. I just did what I was told and I think I inhale about 8 times and I was knocked out.

After the surgery, I was brought out to the recovery site. I was trying to get up from like a sleep. I WAS GLAD IT WAS OVER! I looked around and I saw a nurse beside me taking my temperature and stuff. They say it was time to bring me to the ward but before that I had to get a X-Ray. As they pushed me, I saw the time was about 7.49pm. I was still really drowsy and just closed my eye and rest. I went into the X-Ray room and they two shots of my knee. The nurses brought me to my ward after the X-Ray. As I prayed that I wanted my ward bed to be near the window, I really got that. When I reach my ward bed, I was very drowsy and was unable to lift myself. The nurses used like a plastic stretcher and shift me to my bed. They changed my clothes and gave me some medications (PAINKILLERS). My left lower limb felt weird as it’s still numb. I felt nauseousness. Giddy too. My mommy and my younger sister came to see me. I told them I was fine. The pain wasn’t that bad as the hip region jab was still in effect. After a while, my daddy came and said I was a brave girl. I almost cried! I’m still surprise that I’m done with it and I have a new knee now! Sadly, there’s 2 implants in my knee too. IRON LADY. Haha. Soon, they had to leave as the visiting hours are over long ago. I couldn’t go to the washroom as my lower limb is still numb. I couldn’t really feel a thing except my toes. From 10pm-11am. TORTURE. THE PAIN WAS EXCRUCIATING!! I almost couldn’t take it. The pressure on my shins was crap! I kept waking up from the lights and my pain. At 3am, I can’t get back to sleep and so I just stare into space. I couldn’t reach my phone as it’s in my bag inside the drawer. I called for the nurse to give me some pain killers. At about 8am, I had my breakfast. Fish Congee. The hip region jab is almost gone and my knee is hurting. The nurses changed the ice pad and it felt much better. My surgeon came in and showed me they photos of my surgery through arthroscopic. My acl is indeed torn. Terrible. heh. Well, he said I was on the road to recovery. And now my duty is to increase the range of motion FIRST. HMMM THAT’S TOUGH. I TELL YOU THAT. My physiotherapist came in and his name is NATHAN CARDY! HAHA. He’s from Ireland. COOL HUH. I told him that my knee was hurting a lot and he called a doctor to check on me. The doctor said he will give me another JABBBBB on my arm. DAMN. So the nurse came and gave me a jab. After a while… weeeeeee I felt dizzy. And my physiotherapist came and taught me some home rehab exercises and brought me out to the nearby staircase to teach my how to walk SAFELY. HAH. It was painful. VERY. When I got back, I saw my mommy and my grandma. I WAS HAPPY! Pain was gone. I just missed them so much. It was last that 24 hrs and I missed them so much. I had to say good bye to my physiotherapist. My grandma bought my favorite fruit, BANANA. Soon, my younger sister came! She came in and first thing she said was, ” I CAN’T SLEEP LAST NIGHT! ” I SAID ” ME TOO! ” The nurses came and said that the doctor allowed me to be discharge as I’m not having any fever. We took a cab home and I forced myself to climb up the stairs. My inner knee hurts so much! ICE ICE ICE. IT’S A MUST. Ate tons of pain killers. I just had one and now I’m drowsy. OHOH… AND btw I have to remove my stitches and wonder if that’s gonna hurt! MONDAY. REHAB, REVIEW, REMOVE STITCHES! LONG DAYYYYYY.

Changing the dressing.